Paati’s Love Knows No Bounds by Renjini

Blog post by Renjini Sreekumar

Needless to say, TamBrahms are not very worldly or proficient in the art of animal loving. At least my family isn’t. We are vegetarians, true. But our paatis and athais don’t know to love the animal. They only know not to eat it.

Therefore when I adopted a pup, it sent shock waves through the family. Amma and paati were particularly worried that he might touch me on those very special four days of the month and then go touch them! Oh, the thought!

Anyway, it didn’t help that Yogi turned out to be a very hyperactive dog with 60 teeth instead of their customary 42! Paati came home when he was a baby of 6 months. ‘Kadipano?’ was the first word out of her mouth, and as if on cue Yogi jumped down from my hands and acquired the end of her saree and started having an ‘let’s see who stands last’ competition with it. I had to run behind a very agitated paati to catch him while she screamed ‘Ayyo, kadikaraan. Koopudu di avana. Kattii podu! Ippdi aakumana naan inga irukamaten!’

That’s how paati met yogi! But as it is the way with animals, Yogi very soon found a way to her heart. Now-a-days if you come by my house you can hear things like, ‘Avan romba chamathu. Paalkaaran vandappo, azhaka korachan.’ Or ‘Kozhanthaya thaandeedu pokathedi!’ Or ‘Konjam katta thairu kudikaraya da Yogi? Nalla choodu allava? Kudi.’

Did I say TamBrahms don’t know to love the animals they don’t eat? I happily stand corrected!


4 thoughts on “Paati’s Love Knows No Bounds by Renjini

  1. Paati aathukku pona nanna saapidalam..yes as soon as we enter she would give us boost or coffee as per our choice.after half an hour she would delight us with mixture or kara sev(home made). Like maharani I would watch TV.even before 1,she would serve us delicious meals in plantain leaf.the menu would start with padhirpeni,and then paruppu,arachivitta sambar,cheppakezhangu roast,rasam again padhirpeni and thayir sadham..maavadu,avakkai,lemon pickle,maravalli kezhangu and umpteen items for curd rice.,then she would ask us to 2.30 she will wake us up and give bajji or bonda with chutney..followed by coffee..she would not rest for a second.. All world news can be received through the transmitter called Paati..when its time to leave,again she will give us many boxes filled with sweets and snacks,..that’s paati’s love..



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