Vadhyarathu Pethi by Priya

Njangal Kerala Iyer aakum. Ennodu thatha periya vadhyar aayirundhar. Porandhappova athanala naa famous. Vadhyarathu pethi allava?
But never did I know that there were sooo many things to be taken care being “vadhyarathu pethi”. While trying some modern dress, amma enters “ava pottukara iva pittukara nu kandathem potukathe, namma athuku cherndha maathiri neat ah pottukanam, allata ava enna nenappa? Vadhyarathu pethi ippadiya dress pottupa?”.

If we decide to let our hair open, ippadiya virichu potupa? onnoda thatha irundhaa sammathikkavee mattar.

Once when I went to a community gathering and took part in narayaneeya parayanam , “kondhee rombha nanna vaashikarayi” Next maami enters “Meen kunjuku, neendha chollikudukanuma aval aarathu pethi”

Another occasion, I went to my athai’s daughter’s engagement. There was one person who is a relative of our family friend maami. This person told maami that vadhyarathu pethiyoda nischamboolam aayirundhudhu. Maami odane aathuku phone adicha and to my grandmother “Priya ku nischamboolam aayachaa? Chollavee illaye” And it took thaathi 10 minutes to explain satyavasthai. Ippadi ungalke theriyama ungaloda nishchamboola news spread aayudum.

Kalyanam, poonal enga ponalum you will be introduced as “ithu namma vadhyarathu pethi aakum tya.” That statement gives you a status. And you will have a large number of family friends as thatha is quite famous.

Now amma is like “visheshangal ellam therinju vechuko. Allatta nalaiku pukkathila cholluva, vadhyarathila irundhittum ponnuku onnumee theriyathu nu”

Although rules and restrictions exist, I enjoy being called “vadhyarathu pethi.” It gives you a sense of pride, respect towards your fore fathers. When you realise that everyone  still remembers your thatha with great respect .. aaahh.. it cannot be put into words. And when this pride and respect remains in your blood, you will make sure that its maintained.

Thank you Thatha


8 thoughts on “Vadhyarathu Pethi by Priya

  1. I can relate myself as chinna vadu Iyer pethi. We visited ur home so and so year u were very small then.Get importance every where.


  2. I can very much relate to your post..My thatha was eetd as dist collector Wayanad.. i v been called as collector athu pothi.. cherish that.. even our pet cat was also called as collector athu poochai..

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  3. I thorougjhly enjoyed reading all the blogs.How do I contribute?Once you read my mail id. it will be crystal clear why I am asking you this question.



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