Iyer Aathu Kalyanam by Savitha

Poem by Savitha Naveen

Marriages are made in heaven, they say
But tambrahm weddings have their own way…
It all starts when the ponnu and paiyyan attain the marriagable age
And Appa Amma become desperate to advertise them on the matrimonial page

Demands of the family in each side
Is the most difficult thing to match with and abide
Ponnu aathukara want foreign mappilai and good looks
And paiyyan aathukara want well educated, yet good cooks

The ponnu paakal is the wierdest part
Where two strangers meet up for the start
The parents discuss things out of the blue
And the girl and boy have no clue

If its an ‘engalukku samadham’ from both ends
The nishchaythartham ceremony then extends
The introduction of your fiancee to your other family members
Whose names and faces, BTW, no one really remembers

As the D-day nears
‘Dumm Dumm Dumm’ is all that one hears
Lot of plans come out popping
Not to forget the endless shopping

Guests start pouring in right from the vritham ceremony
Maamas and maamis are just so many
Everyone has an eye on the groom and the bride
And these two desperately look for a place to hide

The kaashi yathirai, the oonjal and the maalai maatral
All constitute the fun part of the ritual
The muhurtham and the getti melam
Reflects a beautiful part of our custom

The elai shapaadu is thoroughly enjoyed
Not a single dish that one can avoid
The vilayadal ritual then comes by
Where the ponnu mappilai play with pappadam and thengai

Tambrahm weddings are really a delight
A must attend if you might
Oh and if you want a formal invite to say so
Then here it is ‘namma aathu kalyanathuku kandippa vaango’


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