Clichés by Ananya

Blog post by Ananya Swaminathan

Going into the society as a brahmin girl is very difficult because people have pre conceived notion about us. Being a non conventional brahmin like me has made it tougher. Ok, going by my name am not as non conventional as two states Alia Bhat , eating chicken and drinking beer, but except that am not the Chamathu Iyengar ponnu I should be.

Starting from academics , am not the first bench girl who serves as the notes engine for others and cries for scoring one mark less than the maximum. I comfortably sit in the last bench and arataadichify. I don’t cry even if I get fail mark

Reaction:  neelam iyer veetu pona? Nambave mudila! epdi? neengalam LKG padikambodhe second grade maths poduveenglae.

Next comes the selfish part! Most of the brahmins do not go out of the way and do something to their friends, by compramising their comfort or their priorities. Namaku elaam shemama nadandhurthuna, mathavalauku seiyalam … asadu aatam munadiye poi avaluku edavathu senjutu nee pujiyama thirmbi varadha is what all our parents teach us. It is called samarthyam but most of the times it comes across as selfishness. And am not really selfish because I rarely have something to give to someone, because all they can ask is eraser from me and not my physics notes. So I happily give it away.

Reaction : ae ava bramhin a irundhalum kena … keta odana kuduthruva.

Then comes my language, Ok am from.chennai and I love the chennai slang as much as I love brahm slang . So my dialogs mostly go this way “aei koobae theertham evlo nerama kekardhu unta … adingu left la aducha munji rightka thirimbuku“

Reaction : stunned silence .

Finally its the religious part, I do totally believe in umachi and worship him, but am not that girl who knows all the pasurams, slokams and puranams . And I don’t go to temples too often. Actually being in Chennai for the past 21 yrs I have never once visited Mylapore kabali kovil (pls mamas and mamis, manuchrungo …adiyenoda thapudhaan.. kudiya seekram poidren).

Reaction : hey neelam agraharam ponnu nu nanchom , ipdi panreenglae ma .

Idhulendhu naa ena solavarena stop thinking brahmin girls will be like thalapathi shobna or sethu abithakushalambal. We do go partying, we do love spicy food and we do drool over hrithik and mainaa we do not know to dance and sing! What is this with all brahmin girls knowing to sing? Hey nanga ena taperecorderaa … face it I do not sing even in bathroom.

By any chance if you are reading this to your patis or ammas I know their reaction , “ ama , gali thavala dhaan satham podum , ena indha ponnuku edhume varadham , iva namba gothrama irukanum , nambloda raghu ku indha ponnu poi alliance pathra porom “


13 thoughts on “Clichés by Ananya

  1. Laughed hard on some of the things you wrote about! 😀 I am an atypical TamBrahm with a multicultural upbringing and I completely understand the reactions not fulfilling the general requirements of our mamas and mamis! 😀


  2. Most perfectly fits me.Rules are set as default alarms in our mind..but nama chamathu kondaeno alarm snooze panitu life uh enjoy panitu poindae irupom


  3. Ananya is me. I dont know any shlokams or poojais though i have a big ummachi shelf at home. I have never sung or danced. and love Hritik Roshan Brett Lee. I ogle good looking men. Love romance movies and read Mills and Boon by the dozens. I eat out a lot and drink road side chai and love road side bajias and sandwiches. Tambrahm but never really follow what a Tambrahm does. And I am 54 years old!!!!!!!

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  4. Haha.. I am pleased to know that it is not just me whose parents’ “saamarthyam” comes across as “selfishness”.


  5. i am with you on this…. happy that i found one more soul like me…. who is often called the beku with no samartyam as the typical tambrahm inherent(whatever!!!!) trait!…


  6. Good for you! Nice to know that you are trying to free yourself from the outrageously outdated and mediocre mindset of the average TamBrahm household.



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