Green Mango Morkkuzhambu with Jalapeno and Black Pepper by Brindha

(Vegan and Regular)

(Spicy yoghurt sauce with Green Mango, Jalapeno and Black Pepper)


Yes, I can guess what you are thinking especially if you are a traditionalist. Well, living in Vancouver, I do not get everything that I get in India. But, at the same time I get different things that are available easily, like Jalapeno peppers. Plus, what is the point of cooking if you do not do experimenting. Well, to make a long story short, I attempted to make a different variety of Morkkuzhambu, when my daughter was visiting. But she is a Vegan. So, I came up with a Vegan version and a regular version of the same Morkkuzhambu to make everyone happy. Needless to say that everyone was happy and I even used it as the pasta sauce,the Indian version of Alfredo sauce.


1 cup of chopped green mango (raw mango)

2 cups of plain yoghurt churned well ( I used home-made yoghurt made with 2% milk)

5 to 6 coconut pieces of 2” by 1”(approximate) or 3 tbsps. of grated coconut

10 to 15 almonds or 1 tbsp. of Bengal gram lentil (chana dhal/small chick pea/kadalaip paruppu))

½ to 1 tsp. of Black pepper

2 Jalapeno of medium size or 1 Jalapeno and 1 green chilli

¼+  tsp of turmeric powder

1 to 2 pinches of asafoetida (hing/perungaayam)

¼ tsp. of fenugreek powder (optional.I used.)

¼ tsp. of cumin seeds- optional. (I did not use)

1 tsp of mustard seeds

2 tsp of coconut oil or any cooking oil except olive oil

A few curry leaves

Salt – total of 1 tsp or to taste

1 or 2 tsps. of lemon juice, if needed for the Vegan version.


Chop one small green mango to small pieces. You should have a cup of pieces. If it is slightly more also, it is fine. You can always adjust the taste a little bit to suit your needs.

With a whisk, churn the yoghurt to mix well.

Soak the almonds in water to cover, microwave for 2 minutes, squish peel when cool. If you are using the yellow bengal gram lentil, soak in water at least an hour before. You can use half of lentil and and half of almond too. Use as you like.

Chop the jalapeno to several pieces. If you are worried about too much spice, remove seeds from the jalapeno.

Grind the coconut, almond and /or soaked Bengal gram lentil, black pepper,Jalapeno/green chillies and the cumin seeds together with just enough water in your mixer grinder to make a smooth paste. Divide them into 2/3 and 1/3.

Mix the  2/3 portion of the  paste in 1 to 1 ½ cup of water and add ¼ tsp. of salt . Let us call the 2/3 portion mix as VPM – Vegan Portion Mix.

Add ¼ tsp of salt and ½ a cup of water to the 1/3 portion of the paste and mix with the churned yoghurt .Let us call 1/3 portion mix as YPM- Yoghurt Portion Mix.

Under medium flame, in a deep pan, add the coconut oil and when it is hot add the mustard seeds and temper. After the mustard seeds stop popping, add the torn curry leaves, asafoetida, mango pieces and sauté well for 30 seconds. Add the turmeric powder and a cup of water and ¼ tsp of salt and cook till the mangoes are done. Add a bit more water, if you need. It may take a few more minutes depending upon the tenderness and size of the mango and the quality of your water.

When the mango pieces are cooked add the above VPM  to it , and mix well. Let it boil for a few minutes. Continue to stir and do not increase the flame. Rather you can reduce it, so that the flavor is infused well slowly. If the mix is thicker, you can add a little bit more water. Turn the flame to sim. Mix and take out 50% of the kuzhambu. This is going to be the base for the Vegan kuzhambu. Keep it aside.

Next, we are moving on to the real Morkkuzhambu . Add YPM to the simmering mango base on stove , mix well and turn on the flame to medium. Check the salt and add . Continue to stir often .Before the kuzhambu boils over, turn off the stove. Add a ¼ tsp. of fenugreek powder. (Optional)

Let us check the Vegan Kuzhambu.

Taste the kuzhambu you took out, for salt, spiciness and sourness. Mostly, it should be fine. But, everyone’s taste differs. Add some lemon juice if you want more tanginess, add salt if you need, add hot water, if the kuzhambu is too thick. Mango Morkkuzhambu without the mor(buttermilk) is ready. You can add a pinch of fenugreek powder at the end. It is optional.

How to use?

Mix with rice and eat. When packing for lunch, add a lot of kuzhambu and mix it loose. Otherwise, the rice will be rock solid at lunch time. You can add some ghee while mixing for additional taste and flavor.

Mix with oats and eat for breakfast.

Mix with pasta and some beans and pack for lunch box or eat as dinner. It tastes heavenly.

Brindha’s notes:

Can be stored in the fridge for one week plus. When rewarming, do not roll boil. Just make it hot enough to mix with rice/oats/pasta.

Spiciness and tanginess is individual choice and tolerance. Hold on to some spice paste and add it mixed with warm water, if needed.

Same goes for salt too.

If you are making only Vegan style or Regular style, use only ½ or2/3 of the paste mix ingredients.

Instead of Jalapeno peppers you can use regular green chillies too.

Cumin seeds can be omitted. If you want just add very little.

Dry fry the fenugreek seeds till they are golden brown and aromatic. Powder them and store in an air tight bottle. Add a pinch to your kuzhambu varieties, South Indian rice varieties, koottu or rasam after you turn off the stove to enhance the flavor.

Reach back to me with your questions, comments and feedback. If you make it upload pictures in visitor’s posts. You can email me at

Click the link for Pasta with the Mango and Jalapeno Morkkuzhambu


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