Kalyanathukku Mun, Kalyanathukku Pin by Ishwarya

Kshemama irukela yellarum? Meet me. Iyengar aathula porandhu love marraige paninda not so chamathu kozhandha (pun intended)

“Yendi ponne nammalava yarum sikkalaya nee love panna?” “Avaalam maamsam sapaduvaledima” “Adiye, ipdi oru kaaryatha pannitiye” “Asamanjam, yendi nokku ipdi buddhi pedalichiduthu”

I was put through many such horrendus questions before everything fell in place and I walked into my pukkaam hand in hand with my darling hubby.  My life since then has been nothing short than bliss. But I do miss a lot of things here! Some precious little things  that only us jadams miss and understand! Idhellam, nammaathu vishayamonu, nammakudhan puriyum! As I pen this down, neku kannula jalama kotradhu! Sniff sniff! But, I have to do this!

“Kaalambra aachu, yezhundirima” that’s how my mornings started. “Dho pa, yezhunduten, mani yenna?” “Naa rendavadu kaapi shaapadra naazhi aayidithu”

Ting, the word kaapi made me wake up in a jiffy!!
“Nanna chellam kuduthu valakkarel pongo, pukkaathula yenna dhan yellarum veiya pora” that was Amma always the villain in my pampered life!!

Kulichutu vandhu tiban (tiffin for the uninitiated) shaatuko di ma” Amma would yell as I’d check out the breakfast!

Yes, I miss my mornings with my Appa and Amma. And everything associated with our typical households. I’d crib, rant, sigh, roll my periya periya kannu and silently hate these little treasures when I had them in plenty. Aana ippo

Aathula irundhappo puriyadha arumaigal listed below:

1. Kaalai yezhundadhum kidaitha suda suda filter kaapi! Need I say more?
2. Hindu paperkaana sandai with Mr. Thopanaar!!
3. Aathu molagai podi! Nalleneyum adhuvum kalandhu mooka tholaikum! Hate the store bought ones!
4. Resultsku aparama vara peethal time –  courtesy amma! “Yen ponnu 98.76% vaangiruka, Renu 70% aame! Ava avanga Appa maadri, budhisaali kozhanda!” You see, we TamBrahms commit the woorrsht sin by scoring anything less than 95% parungo!
5. Ammavoda thaligai – paruppu thogayal, vattha kozhambu, morunjaan with vadu maanga! Yellame aathula senjadhu!
6. Vadaam podara season!
7. Paatu kutcheri ilena bharadhanatyam – brahmana aathu ponnuku performing arts la adheeda eerpu sagajamono?
8. Madisaar!!
9. US maapilai discussions, forced introductions and the asadu vazhinjals – “kozhanda, pakkathuaathu Ambujam mami irukalono, ava orpodi paiyanam, US la irukanam, jaadagam paathudalama?”
10. Namma Tamizh! Aan, mammu, umachi, saathmudhu!!
11. Kannu patudutdhu drishti suthungo sessions
12. “Yendima, shetha nei oothika pdadhao?” Paatis n their love translated into nei, batchanam and vattals!!

If this moved you or you could relate to this, I’m sure you are the TamBrahm currently in the not-brahm-anymore-coz-I’m-not-married-to-one mode! Porandha aan pazhakamono, poyi tholaya adam pidikikaradhu!

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36 thoughts on “Kalyanathukku Mun, Kalyanathukku Pin by Ishwarya

  1. Ammaooda thaligai . tat too morunjaan . . u touched . .vadam season .I usually sit with mom and eating the vadam . while preparing itself . .sema ish . .


  2. I miss my aam too…. Though I’m still single..lolz… Aatha vittutu udhyogathukaaga vera oorla thavichundruken… Not that I’m homesick… But I miss nambaathu thaligai… Esply for a ‘saapaaturaami’ like me… Indha oor so-called variety thaligai uh saapdardhukku nambaathu pazhaedhum maa vadum potta kuda moonu velaiyum mooka pidikka thripthiyaa saapduvaen…. Miss my aam…


  3. I’d point it out so that all you guys out there would carry our precious culture forward
    Trying not to get married outside the community!


  4. So nostalgic after reading this…Im married to a kannada brahmin…so sudhdhama no nammaathu pechchu…of course teaching my kids a bit here n there…lovely post…romba nanna irukku!


  5. Amazing article. Love the candid tone of it all. I’m not married yet. Grew up in Gujarat but my parents ensured that I’m familiar with all of namma aathu pazhakam! I’ll miss all of it pretty soon 😉


  6. So nice to hear all these… Though I am married to a tambrahm,he was not exposed to the typical tambrahm cooking… Brought me memories of trichy(enga aam)….:) Wanna go back..


  7. I could relate to each n everything written here..though born into a Iyer veedu. Very well written!! M married to a north indian n I miss everything in my home…
    Amma oda kaalai kaapi
    Appa kaarthala ezhuparadhu
    Vazhal kuzhambu , morchadam with oorgai, mor kozhambu, thenga thoovina curries..everything literally!!


  8. I’m MARRIED to a thambram.. Still Ibmiss ammavaam so much. Ammavathu moorkuxhambu, ammavoda thengai thogayal, ammavoda eeya chombu rasam, vadaathu maavu, thangaiyoda remote ku shandai, appavoda ‘thadhari na na na’ aalapanai whenever a Carnatic song plays…. Hmmmmmm what I hate the most is, enoda pukkathula yaarukum suttu poota kooda bhramna bashai varadhu… Including my so called thambram hubby 😦


  9. Awwww…. Am teary eyed…. Thought I was d only one ….. Glad to know company is there…. Still I’ll try to ensure my Darling daughter gets exposed to my culture n tradition…. Be it kaapi or kutchery…. 🙂


  10. Good read.. after long time I am able to hear my own voice !! I am not the only one missing namba aam…Even though I married a non brahm I have promised to myself that I will not forget all the “enga aathu vazhakam “…. I will make it a point that my daughter gets to have the vadu mangai, thachi mumum, vetha kuzhambu , etc etc with all the blessings of our dear ummachi 🙂 … how will I ever forget the margazhi kutcheries and most importantly the filter kaapi…


  11. Well written! I can truly relate to this and I miss enga aam after getting married to a Punjabi house 🙂 I miss my vetha kozhambu, sathamudhu saadham, vethal vadaam, thayir saadham, mavadu…ellame engathule engamma senjadhu 🙂 Lol



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