NRI Ambi’s Wedding Proposal by Anusha

Blog post by Anusha Harish

Ambi on Skype.

“Amma, Officela greencard ok paaniyaachu. Naan aatorneykku papers ready paanindu irukkein. Apparam dinner heat panni saapidanum. Naalaikku pesalam”. Bye.

“Seri kanna, romba neram kannu muzhichi vela pannadha. Sheekaram poi thoongu seriya.”

Amma hangs up and goes to aathukarar who is immersed in his Hindu and piping hot filter kapi.

“Payyanukku GC ok ayiduthaam. Romba happyaa irukkein. Avanukku jathakam edukaanum. Oru nalla ponna paathu kalyanam pannita ippadi “YOUYES”la thaniya kashta pada mattanoliyo”.

“Avan konjam naal happya irukkatummeydi. Avanukku ippo kalyanathukku enna avasaram?”

“Ippadiye sollungo. Naalaikku oru vellakariyo, karuppiyo pidichundu vandha apparam varutha pattu prayojanam illai.” Mami wiping tears.

And the final nail is driven into Ambi’s coffin.

His jathakam is taken out and is passed all over the known circles. “Avunukku greencard konjam naalula vandhudum. Veedu vaanga paakraan.”

This statement falls like honey on the ears of all eager mama’s and maami’s who are more than happy to play a matchmaker.

Then, Ambi’s cousins wedding gets fixed. Ambi is ceremoniously called over to the wedding and return tickets are booked.

“Amma naan six weeks holidaykku varein. Anga vandhu poonu paakardu, idhu adhu ellam solli padutha koodadhu, kettiya.”

A month passes and Ambi comes to India. Mami has arranged for him to see a pretty Iyer girl and has gone a step ahead and invited them to the wedding. Horoscopes have been matched and the parents have vetoed the girl already. So, “innimein payyan ok panna porum”

Ambi dresses in a silk chattai and jarigai veshti for the wedding. And at the exact moment when he is fumbling with his veshti and maneuvering the handycam in the other hand, a pretty damsel in a yellow silk saree with a colgate smile walks up to him. Ambi is flabbergasted. An ex IITian, Appavi ambi is thrown into uncharted waters and doesent know how to handle this crisis situation. He immediately turns around, smoothes his veshti and greets her back.

“Haaai”. Neenga?

“Naan Nandhini.”

“Oh, very good. Naan kalyana ponnodu mama paiiyan. Per Rameshan.”

“Oh, naanga avaalukku family friends. So New Yorkullam eppadi.?

“Ungallukku eppadi theriyum naan New Yaawrkunnu”?

“Unga amma chonaal.

Ambi’s guardlights come on. Oh, so that’s the trick.


Ambi scans the girl. His IITian background has typically not given him a lot of time or bravado to scan pretty girls. However, he instantly falls for the girl who has walked upto him to introduce herself. Afterall, every first in one’s life does hold a special place, doesent it?

“New Yawrkku is nice. Enakku romba pidikkum”.

“Vango, coffee kudichute pesalam.”

And, thus begins Ambi’s initiation into a coffee date.

This leads to a sweet yes, nischayathamboolam, kalyanam, kasi yatirai, and et al.

Six months later.

“Enna mami, maatu ponnu vandacha”?

And Mami’s eyes well up with tears of happiness.

Ambi has successfully stepped into grihastashramam from brahmacharyam and thus begins a lifetime of Skype viewing of punyahavachanams, first brithday’s of children and many more occasions which can only be viewed online. The thousand joyous moments are all missed and life becomes a daily routine of being glued to the computer for that little connect to your motherland and scores of special relationships we leave behind when we leave Indian shore in search of greener pastures.



11 thoughts on “NRI Ambi’s Wedding Proposal by Anusha

  1. ardha palaya matter.. idhulaye theriyarathu neenga ellaam veththu veattunnnu.. ah ha haaa!!! its time to change from “we are tambrahms” to “we are ‘sombu’rahms”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed reading this, And I perfectly agree with the last few lines. As our parents age and I see how many are left alone in their old age, I wonder when this foreign craze will be over.


  3. vetted … not vetoed. One means properly checked and another means denied.

    Also, no. The times have changed. The process for guys and girls have changed drastically. Maybe very few people still follow this path but lot many dont.


  4. Very simple but beautifully portrayed. True that all mamas and mami s get glued to skyped to watch those precious moments!!! Only wish this U S craze will give way to our talented guys finding their call here in our motherland.



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