TamBrahm Mornings by Abhinayaa

Blog post by Abhinayaa Jayaraman

So let me explain my typical “TamBrahm morning” I have, within the one hour in which I get ready to my office.

By law of nature or something always in a couple one is too “TamBrahm” and the other will be “Hey unga appa apdi dhan.. adu lan paravala” or “Ünga amma apdi dan da.. vevastha illama pesuva” 😀 . So it’s all left to your cleverness to choose the wise side and keep going with what you want to do. In my scenarios, it’s my dad who is too “TamBrahm” and my mom is kind of considerable (though she too has a tambram mami in her)

“7 mani ayiduthu innum thoongra paru iva.. Ellan un valarpu d” starts the morning alarm for me as my dad comes back to home after going to all the nearby temples for the past half an hour.  I would mostly wake up to avoid any further alarming. As I go to brush I give the sound signals (mostly tapping the doors) to my mom who will be cooking in the kitchen for her to start making coffee for me.   As she discovers my unfolded bed sheet when she comes to give me my coffee, she starts saying “ënniki ne bedsheet madichu vekkariyo, anniku dhan d ne urupuva!” 😀 Like, I still don’t get the link between folding my bed sheet and being successful in life. As she continues her chanting.. “Ne lan pukkathuku poi enna pannuviyo.. ena dan solva ava..” in the background I start enjoying my perfect filter coffee for the day. I believe the coffee tells me in advance how my day is going to be. Days when I get my “second dikashan coffee” will always be my dumb days. So as I get back to the kitchen to put the coffee tumbler in sink my dad goes “Ëcha saamana en d kitchen la podra.. karumon.. vella poi alambitu kitchen ku eduthutu po.. echa , theeetu ln veeta thodaikum”:D.  I face the “Öh shit! I got caught moment” as  I go out, wash the tumbler, come back to kitchen to keep it (all in silence).

I get back to the kitchen and my mom will have two obligations for me most of the time. First will be” inniki dosa dan d pannirken, sambar vella vangiko”. The dosa idly maavu that they arachufy in the weekends haunt us all through Wednesday sometimes even Thursday (by using all possible extension ways for the maavu). The second one will be,” indha sambar ah konjon taste panni uppu sariya iruka nu sollen, na inniki veradon d “. As I accept both her all time obligations, I take a drop of sambar in my hands and as I start to taste it my dad comes in as perfect timing(like as though he was listening to all these conversation and enters exactly when I taste then sambar). “Ënna  karumon d.. kulikama perumal  panama en d sapadra..” yells my dad like as though I have started having my whole breakfast. I leave the kitchen in silence and start getting ready for my office.

I just keep a small pinch of kumkum , “ummapchi pannify”,  and start for the day and call my dad to drop me in bus stop. So this will be the final touch, my dad seems me and starts “nettiku vekkama ne engayum potheva illa.. poi vechutu vanda dan vandila ethippen.. po”. As I try to accept/understand the reasoning for all these customs I keep one bindi and strat for a “non TamBrham” day.

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