Paati Vaidhyam by Aiswarya

Blog post by Aiswarya Ramanan

Our ammas and paatis have very simple solutions to the most complex problems. From elimichanga oorga to El Nino effect, they have ready-made answers for everything.  In all our houses, they are the first doctors. In hospital, we go for consultation to a doctor and when the doctor feels, it needs more expertise to be treated, the chief doctor is summoned. Similarly, our first consultation doctor is amma and when amma herself has exhausted all possible solutions, the chief doctor, Paati comes into picture. “3 naala kozhandhaikku cold korayala… Enna pannatum?” And Tadaa! Cold disappears as soon as paati appears.

Me: “Amma…Thookame varala”

Amma: “Vibudhi itundu, slogam solinde padu. Epdi thookam varama pogum nu paakalam!”

Me: “Hachhhoooo” *repeatedly*

Amma: Cold vadhurtha! Idhukku dhan appave sonnen…Iru! Seeram molaga thatti potu rasam vechitharen… Cold ettu oorukku parandhu poidum”

When you fall sick frequently:

“Kozhandhaikku kannu pattuduthu” can be the most devastating statement. Be it a Kicchha mama or Obama, nobody can escape the wrath of ‘dhrishti’.  But why fear when paati’s vibudhi dabba is here. Vibudhi dabba appears like the avengers ready to take on the “dhrishti” enemies.

Neck sprain complaint:

Solution : Mara kaal padi la kazhutha vechindu padu

Vaitha valikardhu:

Sollution: Vendhayatha eduthu potundu , mor-ah kudi

Thala vali:

Chukku podi pathu can shoo away any thala vali

Thala sutthal aka giddiness

Solution: Dhaniya kashayam with lemon and ginger *Eeeeew- But no option*

Pallu vali:

Solution: krambu palula vechi kadi

Kanla katti:

Solution : Naamakatti with the dialogue to malai (mountain) “Malai malai…nee rumba chinnadhu… en kannu katti rumba perusu”. This will make the mountain jealous and your kannu-katti will disappear in seconds 😛

Just recovering from fever and that naaku-setthu-pona phase

“Paruppu thovayal, vetthakozhambu. Naakuku amritham-a iruka poradhu paru”

Oru aarvathula, when you pour a lot of vethakozhambu, a warning will be issued to ensure there is no back-firing later  😛

Statutory warning: “Vethakozhamba then madhiri dhan mela vittukanum ma”

When this generation daughter/grand daughter gives birth to a kid and is in recovery phase, the very own “patthiya sappadu” is prepared. When paati is stopped, saying doctor may not approve, she will reply in that husky secretive tone into amma’s ear ‘Avaa apdi dhan solluva..Naan solradha kelu! Namma aathu konzhandhey hospital sapada sapadlamo? Pachha odambulaya…Naaku kekuma…Nee poi eduthundu va’.

Baby cries continuously:

Solution: Vetthalaiya adupula kaachhi, velakkuenaiya vethalaila thadavi thoppul-ah podu

Summers are always the most irritating period. Scotching sun, humidity, power-cuts…This complaint reached the ears of our experts. Our experts can turn the most dreadful summer time into the most awaited time of the year. Summer time is mor time. The inji, karuvapilai, perungayum pota mor will be served in plenty to anyone who enters home. From a cylinder delivery boy to aathu-kozhandhegal , all will be served with unlimited chef’s special mor.  Summer= Vadaam… The thought of getting  vadaathu maavu can make any summer just wonderful. Our special thayir sadham will be made extra special with maavudu and maavudu thanni. Now who said summer is painful? 😉

If you notice, most of the solutions given here are more psychological rather than medicinal and hence the magic works every single time…Cos we have the best magicians at work 😉


8 thoughts on “Paati Vaidhyam by Aiswarya

  1. The last sentence is not accurate. Many doctors (researchers) nowadays accept the netural ingredients in the patti- vaidyams are really effective, without any side effects. They are holistic (take the illness in totality and improve body system.) The allopathic medicines only take care of symptoms. If there is a patti nearby, use her to the fullest.



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