Filter Kaapi by Rithika

Blog post by Rithika Shankar

Right from the display picture of the ‘We Are TamBrahm’ page to the display on the kitchen medai (shelf), an integral part of every tambrahm house is a coffee filter. No its not the huge ones like at Starbucks where diluted brown liquid flows in huge containers.
Its a small, compact (travel convenience, you see) ever silver filter.
Making filter kaapi is an art! The correct brown shade, the amount of milk sugar and decoction to be added, the dawara to be used is mastered by ammas and paatis, who effortlessly place a small tumbler (glass) of coffee when you have the morning paper in front of you or when you have a headache thinking about how CSK won’t be playing this series. (yes, it makes me upset)
Being an 18 year old girl, it takes me a lot of kenjifying to do at home for a cup of coffee.  After all how can boost or Milo ever match filter kaapi.  Its a privilege for Amma to agree and give me kaapi. My house is way noisier than the Indian parliament discussions when Thatha or Appa buy the wrong coffee powder.


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Obviously, that’s a day of coffee routine spoiled. Its been a part and parcel of life. Right from morning routines where we drink coffee while flipping the paper to great traditions like serving coffee during ponnu pathufying.(yes that tradition cannot be explained in english- because its going to sound lame like ‘seeing the girl’ how will they ever understand. Sigh!)  Its been an unnoticed component of our life.
So this post goes out to all the people who make brilliant kaapi, to our mothers, grandmothers, pakathu aathu  mami, road side bhai uncle and  fathers (though a rarity)
Thank you for the blessing of a filter kaapi.

P.S. its extremely funny how grandmothers react to Starbucks or cafe coffee day coffee prices and instantly come out with the famous dialogue – ‘idhuna aathule panni thandurpene! Adarama’


One thought on “Filter Kaapi by Rithika

  1. For a long time I used to get my filter coffee powder only from Madras whichever part of the country I was in. My wife perfected the art of making my morning cuppa and today I can boast that it is only the coffee at Airlines Hotel, Bangalore that can rival my wife’s😀 The South Indian filter coffee is the nectar of Gods, nothing can come close to it!!

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