5 Things Every TamBrahm Faces by Divya

1. “Hello”

“aah hello chollu”

“Enga erukka?”


“aathulayo kolathulayo eru…..”

We all face this every now and then. Well, that’s doesn’t discourage us
from speaking our bhashai.

2. Heyy, Ni Brahmin aah di/da ??

Even though I’m the “I belong to Indian caste” type of person, I
couldn’t help the irritation at this question. I brush away the question with a
slight nod but not without muttering “valathe side la mook
kuthindirukken. Paathuttu manasilakalaya?!!” (Or at times when the question is
directed to guys named Subramanion or Venkitachalam. All I could do is roll my eyes. Like

3. Here comes the cliche question accompanied by a shocked
expression “Apo ni non-veg saaptathe illiya?!!” And when we say
NO, these ‘oh so’ kind hearted people will propose ‘oh so’ generous
offer. “You should definitely taste it. Naan vaangi tharen. Don’t worry,
yaar kittayum solla maaten.” (Aamam! Sontha kashula oru kappi
kuda vaangi thanthathillai. Ni sponsor pannathanaala thaan naan
evlo naal chaapdalai!)

4. If at all we refuse the above offer, here comes the next part of his
argument. “I have a few Brahmin friends who eat NV. Why don’t you
try it?” And we’ll be like “Ellarum pannara ngarathukkaka ath sari nn aayidaath
nandini (Insert innocent ambi face)” At times the bargain won’t end
there. “So Is it coz it is against your morals or like killing animals and
having them,you feel like sinner?” which will soon be supported by
“Plants are also living things blah blah..” (Ishwara. Naan eppo ethellam
chonnen. Nek kazhikka interest illai. Simple!! Atha manasilakka avlov

5. Enna thaan rounda dosa vaakka therinja, kolam poda therinja ponna
erunthalum, paatu paada theryalaya, Apo Ni close! Oru aathula vishesham
nn ponakka konthe paadu nu chonna oru naalu vari paada theriyandama?! – Says my amma. (En kazhutha raagatha kettum enga
ammavoda perasaya pathela !!)


5 thoughts on “5 Things Every TamBrahm Faces by Divya

  1. The vegs who eat non veg make the non vegans shell shocked and are given ‘more sinned than sinned against’ look! it gives the feeling that non vegans are protecting their food supplies against the ‘onslaught’ by the converted non vegans! if we look back into the vedic period, there was no veg concept – everyone was eating meat! veg concept came much later!


  2. Difference between veg and non veg is the question to many Brahmins like us. Below is just my thought.
    1. Killing living beings are non veg because it living beings have soul (chicken fish etc.,)
    2. Killing and living things are veg (Keerai, vegetables etc)


  3. The Ambi voice gave it a nice touch 😉

    Well, the grass isn’t green this side either. When ppl get to know that I eat Non veg, they look at me like the biggest sinner on Earth. And mind you these are the non vegetarians who advice vegans to eat Non too. I never get the logic of what they try to do 😀


  4. Point 5 – So true !!!! Naan pora each and every function la ithe thollai than !! and every time my amma/athai/periyamma ellarum ithe than cholluva !

    Nice blog.. can relate to all the points so much 🙂



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