Wedding Scenes by Vishnu Priya

Blog post by Vishnu Priya Ramesh

Wedding is a lovely platform for achieving greater heights. It’s a strong basement which gives rise to even stronger building of life. Yet one can witness many funny scenes in a Tambrahm wedding. Given are the ones which attract/anger/entertain me in a Tambrahm wedding.

Advice sessions:
There will be many uncles, rather Mamas who would advise you on anything. Right from your academics to ‘How to eat payasam?’ they would give you loads n loads of advice! Right from rocket science to atomic stuff, they know anything and everything!
Some random mama to you: “Ena pa? Enga work pandraai?”
You: ” XYZ company “
He: “Haan! Adhuva? Increment ae kuduka matene. Ennodu *some complicated relative* anga daan See Eee Ohh ah irkan. Konjam pathu pana choldren”

And you would have a wide grin in your face.

Match – Making sessions:

Some mama and mami have no other work than fixing matches for the youth attending the event. Though the guy and the girl is no way related to them, they would try to match them out. Next kalyanam saapadu avaalku ready you see!

Showing – off sessions:

Right from the hight school girls to the middle aged lifshtick valinjing aunties, everyone shows off. Be it their diamond nosepin, silk saree, the branded foot wear, aadi thallubadi bag, those jasmine flowers amidst their plait or wig… They would show off like they have won ‘The Miss World’ award!

Photo sessions:

Taking selfies have become a regular habit these days. In a wedding you can witness many crazy poses. The girls at the reception with that cliche hand on hip pose. The couple and their friends with pose. The couple and their family with formal attention pose. Needless to say about the people who pose as if it’s a candid one.

Food session:
The long wait after tolerating the above mentioned troubles, changes your mood when you hear the words ” Saapadu ready!”

My sole purpose to attend a wedding is for that delicious yummy three course meal! The pace of my heart beat increase as I see a lot of food items arranged in a banana leaf before me. Payasam is the king of desserts. Tambrahm wedding la andha rasam saadham sapadra sogame thani!

At the end of the event, everyone’s heart feels heavy when they see this scene of bride hugging her family with tear-filled eyes.!

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