Marriage made in Mottai Maadi by Ramya

Blog post by Ramya Ramaswamy

Ramya is a wedding invitation designer ( She designs funny and creative invitations that shows a couple’s story through detailed illustrations. Being a TamBrahm herself, she connects and resonates especially with other TamBrahm stories. This is one such story of a chamathu TamBrahm couple who would have never gotten married if it was not for the agmark filter kaapi!!

Srimathi hails from an aacharamana Iyengar family. Kalambra vishnu saharsanamam, evening paatu class, night thayir sadham & maavadu has been her life for the last 24 years. Her parents have started searching for an alliance by distributing her jathagam to every maami in the sahasranamam group. One of the mamioda oorpudi payan Kishore is in the US, working for Microsoft and earning well enough to buy a house in California. Both their Jathagams “apadi oru porutham”. After a couple of early-morning Skype calls with Kishore, Srimathi’s parents really like the payan and decide to do a nichyathartham.


Wedding invitation illustrating typical TamBrahm conversations

Kishore flies to India for the nichyathartham to meet Srimathi and talk a few words with his to-be-wife before exchanging thaambulam. Kishore never got to speak with Srimathi in private. Even during their brief Skype conversations her parents were sitting right besides her like a karadi in siva poojai. Finally, Kishore asked Srimathi out for coffee. Namba chamathu chakara katti ponnu directly goes and asks her mom “Avar kapi kudika koopadrar, pogava?”. On the one hand, her mom cannot refuse because Kishore is a “US maplai”. On the other hand, obviously, she can’t let her daughter meet a guy alone at a coffee shop. This is where she puts her IIT-level intelligence to work. She arranges a “kapi date” for Kishore and Srimathi in a very private corner of their house’s mottai maadi !!


Save the date illustrating the “Marriage made in mottai maadi” moment

On a breezy friday evening, velakku vecha aparam, Kishore and Srimathi are sitting in the terrace blushing at each other and waiting for kapi. Earlier that afternoon, Srimathi’s mom purchased arai kilo freshly ground kapi podi for maplai. With a fresh packet of milk (no water added!), she makes thick frothy filter kapi, pours it in the special dawara tumbler (you can tell by the initials engraved), brings it to the terrace and sets it in front of them – “Maplai, aathi sapdungo, romba sooda iruku”. The last thing Kishore remembers is taking a sip from the tumbler, and the rest is history! Legend has it that Kishore fell in love with that filter kapi and agreed to marry Srimathi that instant.


Reception invitation illustrating TamBrahm’s version of a feast

The couple wanted to illustrate this “marriage made in mottai maadi” moment in their wedding invitation. We ended up illustrating all aspects of their TamBrahm-DNA from filter kapi, thayir sadham & maavadu, to kaasi yathrai in their wedding invitation.


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