The Hunt by Karan

The moment you hear this, you must be having a picture of a guy in khaki shirt and pants having a gun and pointing at you (someone like Shikari Shambhu) πŸ˜€

But,Β  I’m going to break your heart. I’m going to write about the hunt the parents do for their daughters when they reach a certain age.
Yes, the GROOM HUNT. πŸ˜‰

Scene 1:
Daughter completes +2 and joins college. It’s her first day.
She gets her fair share of prasadam (offering) from nearby temple. Right before she leaves, “Collegekk padikkarth aakum porai. Antha orma venamtya kondhe” (You’re going to college to study, keep that in mind)

Well, somehow the girl manages to complete the 4 year grilling ( no offense to girls who take it out of passion πŸ˜‰ )

By any chance, she is seen talking to any boy, before even she tells her mom, her mom finds it.

No, you are absolutely wrong. She does not have divyadrishti (gifted vision) like Sanjaya in Mahabharata. It’s the pakkath aath maami (the neighborhood aunty) who throws a one liner at her.

“Enna, LOVEah??”
(Is she in love??)

That statement is more thanΒ  enough for the parents, especially the parents to start shooting questions at the innocent daughter.

“Aaravath irukkala?? Cholliyud kondhe, naangal jathakam ellam paakamaattom. Onnod ishtam thaan mukhyam engalkku”

(Is there someone?? Tell us dear, we won’t look at horoscope and all. For us, your happiness is more important)

They ask this question expecting a no.

But, by any chance the answer is yes, a shock reaction and then second question follows for which the answer has to be yes πŸ˜‰

“Nammadava thaane?”
(Guy is from our community?)

If it’s a no, a sigh of relief with a statement

“Antha vaayadi maamikk vere velaye illai”
(That talkative aunty is jobless)

Scene 2:
The day she completes her graduation, she has to join an EM EN CEE (MNC) and work.

The parents have their tensions soaring high, thinking about the daughters wedding.
That’s when they start THE HUNT.

They have just very simple demands:
Payyan must have these things in the same sequence.

6 digit package (of course, working in an EM EN CEE)
5 room house (pent house)
4 wheeler
3 is reserved for the upcoming para. Please read on.
2 wheeler (bullet / fazer only)
1 key to the house to be handed over the daughter (after marriage, yeah)

The daughter has very simple demand.
She will marry a guy if he is just 3 years elder to her.
Lesser the age difference, the better.
If the guy’s age has hit 30, he is an uncle according to the daughter.

Also, the guy has to be settled in Australia / UK or YOUU ESS AAA (USA).

But, the ponnu aathukkara (bride’s family) does not understand that these qualities can be achieved only if the guy works 24 * 7 for years and by any chance gets an on-site.
Forget settling there, flight porathe periya vishayam (traveling in flight itself is a big package So, dear GROOM HUNTERS, please look at our requirements as well.

Just 2 simple things.

1. A person who understand us a person and does not see us a price tag.
2. A person who listens (yet to be discovered, search is still in progress)

So, keep the search light, and find the suitable guy who understands your daughter.

P.S : All events mentioned here are for comical purposes only.
Please don’t take them to heart and start cursing the poor writer. πŸ˜‰



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