Atithi Devo Bhava by Ananya

Blog post by Ananya Swaminathan

The usually calm aavam of ours, turn chaotic when we are informed that a guest will be coming on short notice. I don’t understand how people inform the hosts when they are locking their front door and double checking if they have taken everything they want.

When the guest word is heard all the flaws in our house are identified. Amma trying to dish out something for the guests, yells from the kitchen “aendi, una apove kodi lendhu eduthundu vandha thuniaa maduchu vekka sonena ilaya? Poi hallaa paaru…avaluku ukara kuda edam ilama iruku. Indha aathula unga bag, thotinda thundu, books, aen azhuku socksku laaam sofanra simasanam tharanumaa? Varavala enga paai potu keezhaya ukara veka mudiyu andha kalam maari, inu pathu nimishathla elaaam adhu adhu edathuku ponum solten.” When I sulkily try to set things right, my dad is pleading to my brother,”dei kanna poi juice vangindu vada…summeraa iruku coffee oda they will prefer juice,apdiye haldirams sonpapdiyum vangindu va”. The brother keeps mumbling something like “epdiyu plate la vechadhu la oru bit eduthundhu apdiye veppa, adha echal nu ava ponadhuku apram sapda vida matinga ena, wastee” and drags himself out of the house. Pati comes out of her room,sees me and the first thing she notices is my hair. Period. “endi yenna vechu thala pinika matalaa? Azhaga thalaya pinindu poo vechuko di.. varavaluku nera decentaa irukanum”. I exhale and patiently explain for the billionth time “pati endhu feather cut, adhula pina mudiyadhu…and thala pinikamayum decentaa iruka mudiyu, appa poo vanga poirka vandhaodna vechukren”.

After all the tension, tantrums, panic attacks and even fights, the vandi satham is heard from vasal. Odane poi kadhava tharandhu, mugatha coolaaa vechundu,pleasant smileoda, “vango vango “ nu ula kutindu vandha, ava sirichinde “naanga edhum ungla disturb panlaye” nu courtesy sake keta, sirichinde “cha cha, tv dhaan pathundu irundhom “ nu pachaya poi solvom. But both the guest and the host know the truth!


4 thoughts on “Atithi Devo Bhava by Ananya

  1. sooper.. it was total fun reading it… ,, paati entering with her menu for the guests.,. inga saapadalam nu sonniya( if its morning time) and as soon as they are in.. and if we havnt tied our hair,,,amma starring form ora kannu,, po poi oru band aachu potundu va di.. and immediately paati would be.. kai alambindu va,, :@



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