Being TamBrahm by Aarti

Poem by Aarti Iyer


The striking poonool and the classy madisaar

The hallmarks of the great TamBrahms we are

The poojai and shlokam and the grand homam

The banana leaf sadhyas, yummy & wholesome

The murukku-cheedais and the filter kaapis

The thayir chaadam which never fails to appease

Suprabhatam, Sandhyavandanam and The Hindu

Avani Avittam, Bomma Kolu and Nombu too

Thatha-paati, Mama-mami and dear kondhai

Soul-filling Shastha Preethi and Bhagavati Sevai

All this and more, and our aviyal-like fam

The essence and pride of being TamBrahm


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