Poochandi by Jyothy

Blog post by Jyothy Iyer

Our usual Saturday morning starts “ippo kaNaratha? Ippo kekkaratha?”
“kaNarathu, aana kekkarathillai …”

And on and on, for those who didn’t get any clue so far, it is typical Palakkad Iyers testing Skype connectivity.

Of course myself and my mom. The only life line between New Jersey and Palakkad.

After discussing a lot of very very enlightening topics like “chaptacha? Anga enna chamayal? Asalathu ponnu’kku ethra mark? Antha ambi mama pulaikku placement aacha? 1 glass arishi’kku ethra glass uzhundhu podanam?”

My Appa pops in with a guest appearance and asked, “antha Chupramani (Subramani) mama (antha Pichamani odu thambi, Kuttanodu Appa) US vara, enna kuduthu vidanam?”

This will the take minimum 40 minutes to finalize the list of “kadukku mangai, vepalakkatti, mahani… ” (this list never ends).

The main intent of this Saturday morning call is to see grandchild… “Kozhanthai enga?”… iPad camera zooms to my daughter, sitting on dining table,  with half open eyes and thinking whether to drink milk or not?

My complain list opens “Amma, ival pal kudikkarathillai…, ival aharam seriya kazhikkarathillai, chapdarathillai,  thoongarathillaii , blah blah blah.”

My mom know the reason (same reason for most of the problems), “kozhanthaya aaravathu kannapattiruppa… dhrishti chutthi podu”

Then we get more technical details of it, on how to do it, when to do it and on and on.

Seeing still half glass left, my mom’s voice echoes in the  walls  of Jersey. “Konthe paal kudi, illaina poochandi varum”

“Poochandi” what???  Dhruva’s eyes are now wide open.

We all burst into laughter!



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