Vadagalai married to Thengalai by Sripradha

Blog post by Sripradha Santhanam

Tamilian marrying a tamilian , that too for love does not qualify to be a love marriage. I was a Vadagalai Iyengar ponnu and married a Thengalai paiyan. For those who do not know the difference, vadagalais and thengalais wear their Namam differently. My thatha was a well known vadiyar and I was rest assured that I will definitely find the best boy in town (onakku enna, thatha nalla paiyan thedavur) As if the nalla paiyan ‘s only qualification was my lineage.

Fortunately I met my hubby through a common friend and he happened to be a family friend. So the day I broke the news to my family , they were thrilled to know that I chose an Iyengar boy that too from a Nalla kudumbum. Then came the day of our marriage. That is the day I realised within TamBrahm Iyengars rituals there are different for Vadagalais and Thengalais and the best one was Thengalais prostate only in odd numbers and Vadagalais in even. My joy knew no bounds when I realised for my entire life I need to prostate only once and my lazy bones need not exert as much. There are many reasons why I love being married to my husband but this specific one takes the cake.


One thought on “Vadagalai married to Thengalai by Sripradha

  1. There is another angle to this Y and U differences. The Mandayam
    Iyengars are all only Thenkalais –That solves the problem for
    Thenkalais and Vadajalais –choice is clear !
    Vengrai Parthasarathy



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