About Us

We Are TamBrahm started as a Facebook Page in July 2012 which has been posting tips and quirks unique to Tamil Brahmin households. We keep up with the social media trends, create and share content on Facebook that would interest you! We want to create a platform for people to share snippets from their lives being a part of our interesting culture. This Blog is a way to curate all the original content in and around the TamBrahm theme written by our members! You can contribute too. To know how, click here.

Admin Team


Sweta is a Marketing professional from Bombay who started the Page in 2012. She is currently working in Bangalore. She loves to read, paint and create DIY crafts. She can be seen tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming most of the time. If she’s not in office or in her apartment, you’ll find her exploring Bangalore on a BMTC bus!



Rajiv is a Marketing professional from Chennai. He is also a Mridangist and has been learning to play since the age of 3. He likes to travel and explore new places. He is an amateur photographer and blogger. He is also the biggest optimist you will ever come across.



Visweshwaran is an IT professional from Chennai. He is passionate about cricket, music (psst, look him up on SoundCloud) and social media. In his free time, he pretends to work for his employer. Sense of Humour is his weapon of choice.


20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi everyone !!.Very interesting to see the blog and comments😄.Iam also a tanjore Iyer married to palakkadu Manushan.Enjoyed each ones comments.


  2. Hi all,
    Some time back, I had read an article in a newspaper regarding the way of communication in repeating the same words 2 times simultaneously, by the Tamil/Palakkad Brahmin community such as,
    suda suda kaapi
    besh besh
    thona thona
    masa masa
    gamma gamma
    lokku lokku
    mada mada
    pada pada
    kekke bekke
    Anybody here, have this article with you? If yes, Please scan/take photo and upload here.
    It’s quite interesting to read it.
    Thanks and Regards…


  3. This blog is just so humorous. Sadly, I don’t know anybody here. And alas, me being an Iyengar, I don’t know the dialect of Tamil.


  4. Good to have the feeling that I can be what I am , express what I wish to express as a Brahmin and be among like minded individuals. Thanks for giving me a platform to ‘expose’ myself!


  5. Hi admin,
    Wanted to know if this group is a closed or open one?..Does it include only Tambrahms or all people in general , irrespective of cast and religion? Just wanted to know..just for info ..no offence to be taken..


  6. WOW a lovely breath of fresh air …to unite us all …and get us to laugh at ourselves. Inspires me to put in my two bits as well.But how do I contribute to this ?


  7. I am a fellow blogger here and also follow your page on instagram! You’ve got a nice quirky sense of humour that throws light on the most ridiculous and funny moments of a tam brahm life! Glad you have a blog here that I can follow… Cheers!
    Do drop by my blog for light hearted reads inspired by everyday moments.


  8. All of the tambrahms follow a similar style of writing ( vocabs,grammar,style)….it is as if all of us have studied from one single dictionary “brahmlish” totally connect to every scenario…. Wonderful work guys but keep it updated.



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