My Paati by Rekha

Blog post by Rekha Sriram Like the Tam Brahm Maamis, kosha podavai clad paatis too are a unique lot. They live in TamBrahm households sometimes dominating, sometimes demure; opining what is right and what is wrong. They uphold our culture and keep worrying that generations after, TamBrahms are going to let the culture, traditions and beliefs (so well protected by them) easily… Read More My Paati by Rekha

The Tambrahm Yogi Who Revolutionised Modern Yoga

Blog post by Aditya Jayaram Tambrahms have become noticed as a community on account of their excellence in whichever field they entered – be it music, science and technology or civic service.This was on account of a deep foundation in spiritual practices which increased their focus, concentration and awareness.Whilst most of these practices revolved around the… Read More The Tambrahm Yogi Who Revolutionised Modern Yoga