Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

Blog post by Sowmiya Hariharan Thats one of the best things  next to  “vattal kolambu”   in the tambhram cuisines, That “manam” of the “perungayam” in rasam gets into a “thani pasi” level!!! Rasam has many flavors– milagu jeeragam,poondu,thakali,mysore,elimicham pazham,kadanthipli-arusithipili,pineapple .. n many more…:) This blog is all about my learning experience with rasam,,(thakali rasam first kathukurein… mathadhu aparam ma kathukalam)… Read More Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

A Guide to Tackling the TamBrahm Wedding Feast! by Srini

Blog post by Srinivas Krishnaswamy  Let’s start off with a quiz on TamBrahm wedding feast  What’s the most important reason for attending a TamBrahm wedding? No prizes for guessing! It’s the TamBrahm wedding feast. To hell with the groom and the bridegroom. Are TamBrahm wedding feasts free for guests? Every business transaction requires an investment from… Read More A Guide to Tackling the TamBrahm Wedding Feast! by Srini

Madraasi By All Means by Aparna

Blog post by Aparna Swaminathan                                                                     WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? REALLY! Honestly, being a Tamilan is nothing extraordinary to that of being a South Indian because, in North of India every South Indian is a Madraasi. Irrespective of whether you are a native of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Andhra Pradesh, you are tagged as… Read More Madraasi By All Means by Aparna