Poochandi by Jyothy

Blog post by Jyothy Iyer Our usual Saturday morning starts “ippo kaNaratha? Ippo kekkaratha?” “kaNarathu, aana kekkarathillai …” And on and on, for those who didn’t get any clue so far, it is typical Palakkad Iyers testing Skype connectivity. Of course myself and my mom. The only life line between New Jersey and Palakkad. After discussing a lot… Read More Poochandi by Jyothy

Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

Blog post by Sowmiya Hariharan Thats one of the best things  next to  “vattal kolambu”   in the tambhram cuisines, That “manam” of the “perungayam” in rasam gets into a “thani pasi” level!!! Rasam has many flavors– milagu jeeragam,poondu,thakali,mysore,elimicham pazham,kadanthipli-arusithipili,pineapple .. n many more…:) This blog is all about my learning experience with rasam,,(thakali rasam first kathukurein… mathadhu aparam ma kathukalam)… Read More Eeyamsombu Rasam by Sowmiya

Kalyanama??? – En Terms & Conditions Apply!!! by Anand

Blog post by Anand Kumar These days, in many TamBrahm households, with girls of marriageable age, the parents are gripped with tension – “Ivalukku kaala kaalathula kalyanam aaguma”??? On the other side, in households with boys of marriageable age, the parents are also gripped with tension in fact more tension – “Ivanukku intha jenmathula kalyanam… Read More Kalyanama??? – En Terms & Conditions Apply!!! by Anand